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Zion Narthex Windows

  1. Bread of Life
  2. Christ our Resurrection and Life
  3. Good Shepherd Door
  4. Jesus Anchor of the Soul
  5. Judge of All
  6. King Forever
  7. Lamb-Priest Forever
  8. Light of the World
  9. Prince of Peace
  10. Prophet-Teacher
  11. Redeemed Savior
  12. Son of Man

Bread of Life — Heads of wheat, three small scythes for harvesting, and a loaf of bread opened for eating signify that our Lord Jesus is the very bread of life and that we need Him when the final harvest of man's life takes place.

Christ our Resurrection and Life — The “phoenix” bird signifies immortality. Christians of old used this legendary bird as a symbol of Christ who arose from conquering the fires of hell to bring us to heaven.

Good Shepherd Door — Our Lord is symbolized by the shepherd's staff growing out of a cross. Jesus is the only Way (door) to heaven. The sheep signify Christians who follow their shepherd.

Jesus Anchor of the Soul — The cross with heart imposed upon it reminds us that our hearts find their Anchor and eternal security only in the Savior.

Judge of All — The scales of justice, the scythe which harvests both wheat and tares, and the sword of the spirit which divides mankind between those who have loved and followed Christ from those who have not as men either accepted or rejected God's Word. All indicate Judgment Day and the eternity of heaven or hell for man.

King Forever — The great crown over the Alpha and Omega with the center cross symbolizes eternal reign of Him who is King of kings and Lord of lords. As Jesus said in John’ s book, Revelation, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that thirsts of the fountain of the water of life freely.”

Lamb-Priest Forever — Christ is the Lamb of God who lays down His life for our sake but He is also the great high priest forever who offers Himself for our salvation. The communion cup and bread signify the giving of His body and blood “given and shed for you for the remission of sins.”

Light of the World — In the swirl of the sun’s rays is the symbol for the Son of Righteousness, our Savior. The IHC or IHS is the abbreviated spelling for JE(SU)S.

Prince of Peace — As the dove brought back to Noah an olive branch indicating the end of God's judgment in the flood, so Christ brings peace to man the sinner. The Old Testament prophet reminds us that He brings healing in His wings as the crosses on the wings of this dove suggest.

Prophet-Teacher — The upraised hand of the teacher pointing out the Word of God and the hand of blessing through the Word suggest how Christ teaches us and is the very fulfillment of the Gospel. Both Law and Gospel are indicated; Roman numerals one to ten show the Law Christ fulfilled and the four small crosses on the book suggest the Gospel writers.

Redeemed Savior — The ancient tree in Paradise is a reminder that Jesus Christ is the 2nd Adam, the one who has redeemed us from sin and is now the First Fruits of the Resurrection for us.

Son of Man — The burning bush gives the thought of Christ’s call to serve man. The Epiphany star reminds us of His incarnation and the desire of God for man’s salvation.

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